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Lifeline Environmental, LLC was founded upon safety. The owner’s Marc and Aisha meet at a hydrocarbon oil recovery company in 2011 where they often talked about how to do jobs more effectively by putting safety first. Marc Dorn, originally from Queens New York, worked at Ground Zero after the 9/11 tragedy at the Deutch Bank as a Project Monitor. He was responsible for ensuring that all safety measures were taken during the asbestos abatement process which also required work to move at a certain pace. After an unrelated injury, he relocated to Randallstown Maryland to recover with family. After a full recovery, he continued his work in the environmental field in Baltimore where he met his future wife.

Aisha Dorn, then Dorsey, was working dead-end jobs at minimum wage while attending college. As college cost rose and jobs became scares she decided on doing things differently. She sought out different ways to get into the environmental industry and she found Civic Works, a nonprofit, that would help her get the certifications that she needed to start her own business. After the certification classes, she worked 10 – 12-hour shifts alongside Marc whose managerial position helped her navigate the variety of different jobs that they worked together.

Their decision to leave the company was congruent with their desire to start their own company where they ran their own sites. In 2012 they founded Lifeline Environmental, LLC with a few workers, a handful of projects, and a drive to succeed. Since 2012 they have had many triumphs like General Contracting and managing the first phase of Pre-Construction at the Historic Clifton Mansion, home of Civic Works. During this project, they removed all of the asbestos, encapsulated the lead, and demolished wall after wall to return the mansion to its original layout that Johns Hopkins renovated in 1858. Another project, The Motor House located at 120 North Avenue they demolished all of the partitions that created a cluster of small studio spaces for the Baltimore Reality Arts Company (BARCO). They also participated in Eager Street Deconstruction with Details Humanim where they removed select areas of asbestos and were inspired to launch their Clean House Initiative that they introduced at the White House during the Obama Administration.

Aisha has participated in the First Cohort of The Johns Hopkins BLocal program and made their vendors list, then on to Baltimore City’s Department of Public Works program where she meets the mayor. Most recently she graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program where she was voted by her class to sit on a panel discussion with Mayor Catharine Pugh, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, and Lloyd Blankfein.

Since its formation, Lifeline Environmental has developed strategic relationships with many local non-profits, prime contractors, real estate companies, vendors, and helped many homeowners with their environmental needs. Throughout the years they have employed 20 workers, 15 of which are direct hires from The Baltimore Center for Green Careers. 


“As a black, female, business owner, our challenges have been many but we have faced them with determination and perseverance which has allowed us to remain in business year after year.”

President, CEO

– Aisha Dorn

Meet Aisha and Marc Dorn

Not just business partners but husband and wife. Aisha Dorn got her start in the environmental industry cleaning oil tanks. Marc got his start at the Deutch Bank in New York City after the September 11th tragedy.

Meet Aisha Dorn


Meet  Marc Dorn



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